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Roof Trusses

The advantages of using trusses are increased efficiency of time and consistency. Concord will deliver trusses throughout New Jersey, Delaware, and Eastern Pennsylvania .

With over 40 years of experience, we have the ability to solve your most complex building needs . Using state-of-the-art programs for truss design, Mitek Software, our manufacturing facility has the ability to fabricate trusses in a variety of configurations.we design and build roof trusses known for quality and uncompromising structural integrity.

Floor Trusses

Concord designs and manufactures open web floor trusses to meet your specific needs and architectural specifications. From simple span trusses to more complex floor trusses, the use of floor trusses maximizes job efficiency while providing a cost effective alternative to steel beams and posts.

    • All of our wood trusses are designed with Mitek software
    • Reduced installation time
    • Wide nailing surface for easy subfloor installation
    • Easy plumbing and electrical installation
    • Factory manufactured to exact specifications
    • Reduced HVAC installation costs
    • Reduced column pads or posts

Engineered Lumber: I-Joists and LVL Beams

At Concord Truss, we provide the highest-quality i-joist products and LVL beams.Our process enables seamless integration of I-joists and LVL beams into truss designs, ensuring optimal performance and structural integrity.

Contact us today for more information on engineered i-joist & LVL beams or send us your specs to get an estimate for your upcoming project


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